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Logical Fallacy: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

In fact, you can’t compare these sensations. Let’s break it down…

"Skinny feels" 

The feeling of being skinny essential in that, in most cases, if you are skinny, you necessarily feel skinny. If you have body dysmorphia, then you would feel different psychologically. But most thin people feel thin. Whether they register it or not is another philosophical argument altogether. 

"Nothing tastes" 

Taste is temporary. You eat a donut and you taste it for as long as it stays on your tongue or until something else overpowers it. Taste is not part of your everyday lived experience. You only experience taste when there’s something in your mouth or near your nose. 

So we’re comparing two sensations that have different experiences: constant vs. variable. 

If we were to take taste in the aggregate - that is, take all the different experiences of eating something delicious - we could then compare:

Would you choose all the delicious food you’ve ever eaten or will ever eat over being skinny?

When I listen to this playlist every morning and sing along, I feel much better about whatever the day may bring.

An Old Fashioned and devoured crab cake. I’m hardcore.

An Old Fashioned and devoured crab cake. I’m hardcore.

"It was so easy in the beginning
When you didn’t feel like running from your feelings like you are now
What happened? What do I remind you of?
Your past, your dreams
Or some part of yourself that you just can’t love?
I wish I could believe you
Or at least have the courage to leave you”